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LGBT Center of Raleigh Statement
Sun - January 30, 2022 2:00 pm  |  Article Hits:2582  |  A+ | a-
Raleigh Business & Professionals Network (RBPN), the host organization of Pride Life Expo, was made aware in July 2021 by the LGBT Center of Raleigh as to the alleged fraud at the hands of its former director, which is currently being reported in the news. No words can express the depths of hurt and betrayal these actions had, and will continue to have, upon the entire LGBT+ community; our hearts go out to the LGBT Center of Raleigh and all affected by this. Despite the devastating consequences, Pride Life Expo exhibitors, sponsors, and vendors can rest assured this alleged fraud has not—and will not—affect the finances of Pride Life Expo.

All funds related to Pride Life Expo have remained in the sole custody of RBPN since the inception of the event, originally slated for 2020. Access and distribution of these funds fall within control measures that have long been in place at RBPN. At no point has anyone from the LGBT Center of Raleigh, including its former director, had direct access to funds related to Pride Life Expo. 

RBPN is pleased to continue to have the LGBT Center of Raleigh as the presenting sponsor of Pride Life Expo. While it would be easy for one person’s alleged indiscretions to mar an organization or any activity tied to it, we have witnessed firsthand the commitment the board and interim director of the LGBT Center of Raleigh have to their organization and to the LGBT+ community at-large. We stand with them in moving forward and appreciate their continued presenting sponsor status of what is going to be a transformative, positive event for the LGBT+ community and its allies. 

Out of respect for the ongoing investigation, RBPN will have no further comment related to this matter. 


Kade Kimber

President, RBPN


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